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The Newport area on the toe-end of Rhode Island is quite lovely to look at, and if you want to feel affluent, drive along Ocean Avenue and Bellevue and look at the homes and mansions (the sign even calls them that) many of whom all enjoy ocean views.

Not quite a city sign, but a sign along the harbor is a pretty good second. And given we took a sign of the harbor sign, it seemed only fair to show the harbor, too. The shopping area is just nifty, with cobble-stoned streets (nice to look at, a bit tougher to drive on).
And just to mix it up, the shops are built in a variety of styles. And they accept MasterCard. Ford Adams is shoved into the hill on the edge of the harbor. Clever AND strategic. If you've got a few million to spend, there's some lovely homes for sale in the mansion district.

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