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State Flag

 "The Volunteer State"  
Motto:  Agriculture and Commerce

"Pardon me boy, is that the Chattanooga choo-choo?" -Frank

Sign at State Line

Chattanooga - Well, it's Tennessee, it's a train, and the boy was driving at the times.  Goes without saying we had to stop.  (Mar. '02)

Fayetteville - Small town feel, small town charm.  And a healthy 5% population jump since 1990 (6,934) to today (7,321).  (Mar. '02)

Frankewing - While I didn't go to the dinky little town (can barely find it on a map, even - population zero), the combination of "Frank" and "wing" still deserved a photo.  (Mar. '02)

Graceland - Home of Elvis Presley and all things 70s, at least in Memphis and open to the public. (Jul. '04)

Jackson - A rather uniquely laid out town, and where I co-owned a home for 27 days. (Jul. '04)

Knoxville - While it was the home of the 1976 World's Fair, I didn't find too much to tickle my fancy today.  (Mar. '02)

Memphis - After going to the trouble of putting on my blue suede shoes, I found not being a Elvis fan sort of killed the excitement a bit.  (Mar. '02)

Nashville - Country music home?  Perhaps.  But I found it's also the home of Vanderbilt, and where there's a college, there's cute co-eds.  (Mar. '02)

Spring Hill - The home of Saturn, a different kind of car company.  And, of course, their generally unheard of concept in automobile manufacturing - having a visitors center.  (Mar. '02)

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