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State Flag

 "The Beehive State"
Motto: Industry

"Only 56% of them are uppity Mormons." -Frank

Sign at State Line

Bluff - A cool, old town complete with a recreation of a few of the original buildings. (Mar. '03)

Four Corners - The only place in the United States common to four states... and it's within the Navajo Nation. But hey there, fry bread, Arlene! (Mar. '03)

Mexican Hat - An old town with a very up-to-date Texaco station (not pictured, of course). (Mar. '03)

Montezuma Creek - A small town within the Navajo Nation, and as near as I can tell, we missed all but the outskirts. (Mar. '03)

Provo - I should have known a college town was going to be more than just the home of Novell's offices.  (May '02)

Salina - Intended only as a place to turn from I-70 to SR-50, it was actually a fairly cute little place.  (May '02)

Salt Lake City - If you look at how nice parts of Salt Lake City are, you can begin to grasp where part of that 10% goes.  (May '02)

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