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 "Old Dominion State"  
 Motto:  Sic Semper Tyrannis (Thus Always to Tyrants)

"An overall great state to visit... or live (hmmm)..." -Frank

Amherst - The town lacked a find-able sign, but had a round-about, so it balanced out. (Oct. '04)

Arlington National Cemetery - The final resting place of more than 260,000, and counting. (Oct. '04)

Clifton Forge - The mining influence was subtly evident, as was the fondness for brick buildings. (Oct. '04)

Covington - A nice place to lay your head for the night, or frighten local school kids. (Oct. '04)

Danville - There was a niche of the tobacco industry tucked away on the edge of town. (Oct. '04)

George Washington's Birthplace - We were in the area by coincidence, and gave it a look. (Oct. '04)

Lexington - The name is written all over history books. But that was on the other side of town. (Oct. '04)

Lyells - I found two buildings and two or three homes. But I'm sure there's more, somewhere. (Oct. '04)

Lynchburg - A nifty place, but after lunch, I was a bit too sleepy to be too observant. (Oct. '04)

Martinsville - The Hooker ballpark is not at all what I expected to find there. (Oct. '04)

Onancock - A small town dating back to the late 1600s -- how cool is that? (Oct. '04)

Richmond - The state's capital and home of the Richmond War Memorial. (Oct. '04)

Roanoke - A town with a large diversity of buildings and influences. (Oct. '04)

Tappahannock - A great little town with a neat old church (St. John's Episcopal), built 1826. (Oct. '04)

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