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4,300 souls call Clifton Forge home. From the looks of it, the place either began, or expanded, as part of being a mining town. Today, there's enough of a railroad influence to suggest either the mines are still running, or that there is a big business in acting as a railway yard for one or more of the railroads here.

Nice sign, carved in wood, and I'm guessing hand-painted by a local resident. The downtown was littered with all sorts of brick buildings. Since I do enjoy the look of brick -- something we don't get much of in California -- I snapped some pictures, but won't bore you with all of them.
The town hall, encased in a veil of fog. (The dark stuff is the wooded mountainside behind it.) A mine entrance. It doesn't appear to be used much anymore, but along the main street, was neat. It wasn't so much the nature of the business as the headstone that caught my eye (see it bigger?).

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