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I didn't know what to expect from Martinsville, so I think that was part of the reason I spent most of my time here bumbling around, aimlessly. I eventually found a path back to the highway, but I think I'd have benefited with a few sightseeing ideas... and I'll be speaking to the travel planners about that one, let me assure you.

How's this for a fancy-pants sign? The sign says "ultimate detailing", but I only saw him watch the hubcaps, and only briefly at that. The houses were nice, but not too fancy. And many had the columns and porches. I like those.
Nope, the only person here was a guy walking through... not a short-skirted girl to be found anywhere. Not one to be political, but I get the distinct sense that I'm some-times alone in my non-politics. Significance? None. We made a U-turn in front of the dealership just after taking the photo.

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