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Honestly, I went to Tappahannock because I thought the town's name was cool. When I got there, I found there was far more neat things than just the name -- but I still think it's a cool city name. (This is also the city that was noted in the movie Fahrenheit 9/11 as a terrorist target location... but like they said in the movie, we can't see why.)

Not a bad sign, eh? Even the letters are the durable, long-lasting plastic variety. Why? Because I know you enjoy seeing water towers just as much as I enjoy photographing them. Despite this, the Rappahannock River lines the east river, creating a recreational area for the town.
St. John's Episcopal church, with a date of 1826. The neighboring cemetery also is about as old. As with any good school, Catholic or otherwise, rules like no guns and no drugs are just a good idea. If you're arrive or leave via the east side of town, plan to crossing the Rappahannock River bridge.

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