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 "Green Mountain State"  
 Motto:  Freedom and Unity

"A small state, big scenery, and great highway rest stops." -Frank

Barre - Aside from a giant U.S. flag over the downtown area, I didn't find anything extraordinary. (Oct. '04)

Ben & Jerry's Factory - Just off I-89, between Montpelier and Burlington, is this sweet place. (Oct. '04)

Burlington - The home of several colleges, and the Burlington Coat Factory. I think. (Oct. '04)

Montpelier - The capital city of this, the United States' 49th smallest state. (Oct. '04)

Springfield - In the search for Simpsons' Springfield, we stopped by. This isn't it, either. (Oct. '04)

St. Albans - The first Vermont town I visited... and definitely a cute one. (Oct. '04)

Stowe - The home of the Trapp Lodge (a la The Sound of Music), minus the singing. (Oct. '04)

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