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Starting Location:  New Castle, Delaware Ending Location:  New Rochelle, New York
Weather There:  Slightly foggy, 43°F

Weather Here:  

Hazy/smoggy, 60°F
Starting Time:  6:58am Eastern Time Ending Time:  8:48pm Eastern Time
Starting Mileage:  27,836 Ending Mileage:  28,159
Miles looping in NYC:  No idea, but too many, I'd bet Area with fewest motels:  White Plains/Yonkers, NY
Priciest toll today:  $6, Geo. Washington bridge Days since Tubby shaved:  8

Today's trip suffered a bit from low energy on the part of me and Tubby both. Despite driving from Delaware to New Jersey and finally landing in New York for the evening, it felt like a particularly long day. The sleepiness had something to do with it, but

6:00am The alarm went off. Tubby got up, turned it off, and got cozy in bed once again.
6:32am Tubby pulled himself out of bed and finally got moving. Because my feathers were already smoothed, and I took a bath last night, I lounged for another 13 minutes.
6:58am We are finally all out of the room, checked out, and trying in vain to get onto the road.
7:03am The first city to check out is Wilmington, which is just up the road from where our motel was located. (And honestly, if we didn't know better, we'd have thought we were still in Wilmington overnight at the motel.)
7:29am I set my cute little feet into New Jersey for the first time after crossing the bridge. And no, no picture, given the awkwardness of trying to take state line pictures while on a narrow bridge, and a lack of nearby parking (generally). But we're still here now in the Garden State.
8:21am Our day marks the arrival of our travel Chevy into the town of Vineland. We look around, Tubby comments on the overall bad-looking idea (and visually bad-looking) nature of the factor two blocks from the main street, and...
8:34am ... we're off! A little quick math suggested we were within 15 miles of Atlantic City, so... we went.
9:26am I stopped to get a picture of me with the welcome to town sign (the usual bit), and Tubby looked a bit worried that we were deviating from schedule. I patted his head and told him not to worry -- we're hours ahead of schedule right now.
9:40am The wanderings have brought us to the casino area, and several picket lines of Local 54 workers (it didn't say why they were striking) were outside the various casinos.
10:01am We parked near the Taj Mahal and paid the $4 parking, and made our way to the beach.
11:32am Lots of driving, and then we found ourselves in Mount Holly. We actually didn't have a plan of what to do, see, or visit, so we just wandered for a bit. Oh yeah... the usual royal blue Wal-Mart doesn't appear everywhere else. But I like the green much better
11:48am Finding myself on the outskirts of town, I just headed the car down the road and on to the next vict..., er, fan.

The group then arrived in Trenton and had a look around. And if you're curious, yes, we had a devil of a time getting through your rubbish. No, not really.

1:03pm Our arrival into Princeton was both quiet and uncomplicated. But a little more noise, and I wouldn't have been 5 miles out the other way before being told it's way behind us. Phooey.
2:36pm We hopped off the interstate in Springfield, but the two pictures I did manage to capture were technically not within city limits. And I do have SOME standards about how and what I post to the site.
3:05pm As we took city streets from Springfield to Jersey City, we got to see some silly people do silly things.
3:24pm Newark was next, so Newark was next.
3:41pm That grew wearisome, so we hopped across the bridge and into Jersey City. Robin wondered aloud where the Statue of Liberty was, looked it up, and found we were just 8-10 blocks away, so off we went.
4:45pm All tuckered out from this shop (which isn't on this trip anyway, technically), we hit the streets of Jersey City one last time... but didn't dare try the street-corner BBQ.
...? Here things get weird. For the next several hours, we engaged in a series of loops, spirals, and traffic jams, including a $6 ride across the lower section of the George Washington Tunnel.
8:22pm We even got the low fuel light light up before we found the Radisson.
8:41pm Tubby locates a Radisson after circling for the last hour looking for a motel or hotel.

Following his "logic," Tubby figures where there's one hotel, there's others.

8:44pm The idea doesn't pan out, and the one road he looked down is a forced one-way to the interstate, and yup, we're back on I-95. We loop around and get to the hotel.
8:48pm Tubby checks with Maria at the rooms free (well, from a cancellation or two), and $165/night later (plus tax and fees), the dog is taken care of.
9:02pm After settling into the room, we venture across the street to have a Road Trip dinner -- Pizza Hut this time.
9:49pm Dinner eaten and holding fast, we hit the mini-mart across the street and load up on Diet Pepsi. (Anything else, and Tubby would need to come back for own order, of course.)
10:00pm I began working on updates while the other babes began to relax or nap.
1:29am The last of the updates are written, and the posting has begun.
1:41am Posting complete, and off to dash for a quick splash about the sink to wash behind the ears and under the wings.
1:59am And that done and said, well... written... I'm off to sleep to join the rest of this trip's traveling party in slumber.

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