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Starting Location:  Amherst, New York Ending Location:  Rouses Point, New York
Weather There:  Cloudy and breezy, 50°F

Weather Here:  

Dark. Maybe overcast?, 43°F
Starting Time:  6:46am Eastern Time Ending Time:  7:01pm Eastern Time
Starting Mileage:  28,159 Ending Mileage:  29,172
Total miles today:  492 Total drive time today:  9 hours, 28 minutes
Still in New York?  Yes (some are disappointed) Pretty fall colors seen:  Tons - look at the pictures. :)

Again with the excessive amounts of driving. In terms of distance, not our record (which remains strong at 1,479 on the last day of the Western Canada trip, but we bumped into eight or so places that I took pictures at (and another few that I didn't bother), had a Subway sandwich, and got to see lots of red and orange leaves.

  • The update will be a day late, since our wireless software isn't detecting any network connections to "borrow," the wireless network card doesn't have any signal, and I have too much pride tonight to try dial-up.
  • The pictures are going to seem a bit dark. Sorry. The weather today was mostly overcast from 7am until dusk (maybe later, but the dark makes it tough to see the cloud coverage). We didn't get rained on, but we managed to get drizzled upon for at least half of the day, off and on, as we essentially covered the entire top half of New York state.
6:00am The alarm went off. Movement actually occurred!
6:18am Tubby is up, dressed, and alert. I've tried (unsuccessfully) to dial out to the 'net, but am not getting too far this morning. Out the window, reasonable darkness.
6:42am We left the room via the lobby to check-out, and arrived at our white (but getting dirtier) motor coach.
7:29am We arrived in Darien. Twice. The first time, honestly, I was surprised to see the sign. Then, we saw a much better sign on another road. Then we saw a Six Flags, for Darien Lakes, and I found myself very surprised we found a theme park a solid 30+ miles from anything resembling a big city.
8:03am When you're really hungry and it's hot outside, you should get a really big ice cream cone. Fortunately, it's cold but they're closed, so it works out all around.
8:14am While puttering along in Le Roy, we passed a marker. It seems, quite by accident, we just passed a little bit of Jell-O history. And if I was Pearle, I'd probably consider waiting for more than a few months from the time our factory opened to the time we'd sold our the wife's invention, particularly for only $450. (Sure, money was worth more then than now, but still... $450 wasn't THAT much, maybe a house or so.)
8:36am Hello Rochester. And that's all I've got to say about that.
9:06am Yes, that said what we thought it said. So we had to go back to ensure a picture was taken.
9:28am Stopping at Wegmans in Fairport, we purchased yet more soda for Tubby. Since I didn't have to stand in line, I just tried checking out the assistant manager type person, Marissa, who had lovely hair.
10:18am Touching down in Waterloo, I found no mention of Abba, Mama Mia, or anything Swedish (well, beyond a bag of stale Swedish at the Sunoco convenience store). But it was still a fun little town to bounce around.
11:18am Syracuse was the next on our travel path. It wasn't one of those towns I was able to get all hot and bothered about, honestly. But at the same time, I did snap a picture of the Kodak building, and was struck with the irony of taking a digital photo of the building that represents a large history of modern (non-digital) photography.
11:32am If you're going to go to the trouble of making sandbags, you should make 'em fun for kids and adults alike.
11:46am Avoid this one if you're keen on animals or against hunting. Otherwise, a photo of something you rarely see whilst driving in commute traffic in Los Angeles.
12:03pm Yeah, I got your fall colors right here, ya smart alec.
12:33pm We rolled into Watertown, looked around, and had lunch.
12:38pm While still in Watertown, this Canadian-branded billboard made us smile. Much like the one we saw yesterday for the same product, but that one was in Buffalo.
2:26pm Across from where we stopped for a wake-up soda, we found what Tubby claimed is the smallest bed-and-breakfast known to man. (But we can all agree his experience is significantly limited.) To make up for it, we stopped at a parking area and snapped this little crick.
3:13pm Lots and lots of driving later, we hit Tupper Lake, which came to us as a suggestion from Jon, a co-worker of Tubby's. (And in the greater scheme of things, a peer of Tubby a year ago, and who now has three people working under him, compared to Tubby, who's only got a pair of slippers working under him.) A reflection of the lake on the far end isn't too bad to look at, either.
4:11pm At a bridge over a stream gushing through the Cotton Reservoir (and the town is apparently South Cotton), we scooped up a few pictures of the water running, and the north and south banks of the river, complete with their colors flying.
4:29pm Passing through Potsdam proved it possible to produce phrases partial to "p" words.
5:14pm With darkness threatening to fall, if not collapse completely, we got in and out of Malone in a reasonable amount of time. But only after Travis took his time in serving those three diners in front of us before making our incredibly easy, foot long sandwich on white with only turkey and cheese, and nothing else. (But it's worth two coupons, although I again forgot to get mine.)
5:22pm Tubby suggested we continue with the original plan and end in Rouses Point, even if it meant arriving in the dark. We agreed.
6:44pm As expected, we arrived in the dark and fed the car a well-deserved seven gallons of fuel ($2.15 a gallon here).
6:48pm The task of rummaging around for the hotel. We knew it was on Lake Street, and when the street became a left-or-right turn (or else you'd be in the lake), we knew we were in the right place. A quick drive to the south took us from town, and one to the north led us to the U.S.-Cananda border checkpoint, so we aimed for the middle and found The Anchorage, a motel-bar combination outfit.
7:01pm We checked in by a very helpful, and left-handed, hostess-clerk (she's working the front door for the combined motel office and restaurant hostess). Given to non-smoking double rooms, we were handed the key to room 46, and headed over.
7:05pm As rooms go, it's no Marriott or Radisson, but conversely, it's also a third of the price of the Radisson, which seemed to appeal to Tubby is all sorts of ways.
7:06pm Being helpful, I also pointed out the fact that across the street is the lake, and beyond that, the eastern horizon. Being lazy, I told Tubby he could be the one to rise before sunrise and take a photo or three whilst I slept in.
7:09pm After a quick trip to the reasonably-priced soda machine ($1.25 for a 20-ounce bottle), I sat down to begin the updates...
10:57pm ... and finished them in what, to me, was a reasonable time. For anyone else, an insane period.
11:01pm I guess no connection to the world can have its perks, although I still prefer to be wired given the choice, but it's out of my little span of control to fix.
11:12pm The upside of being cut off the 'net -- this is now the earliest night to bed yet. Nighty-night.

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