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Starting Location:  Nashua, New Hampshire Ending Location:  Seekonk, Massachusetts
Weather There:  Light rain, 54°F

Weather Here:  

Overcast, 61°F
Starting Time:  6:34am Eastern Time Ending Time:  6:42am Eastern Time
Starting Mileage:  29,579 Ending Mileage:  29,982
Thoughts about tall girls:  213* New states today:  3 - Ct., Mass., Rhode Island
Liters of Pepsi:  3; quite a lot, really. Miles today:  403
* Admittedly, this seems extreme, even for a 17-year-old duck, but consider that (a) I'm 10" tall, so every girl is taller than me, and (b) we drove around college towns today. During class hours. Ooh-la-la.

Yes, Virginia, the day's updates were again delayed by a lack of decent internet connectivity from Seekonk's Motel 6, and the cord was too short to try dial-up. (Even though dial-up is nearly as much fun as dentistry without painkillers, but I would have done it for my fan, er, fans.)

And this just in... the day is essentially lost. Darn it. But not wanting to piece together a second-rate update after the fact, I'll put in the highlights, and we'll call it even. Deal? Good.

6:00am We got up when the alarm went off, just for the fun of it.
6:38am The Travel Party hit Highway 3, and minutes later, missed the exit.
7:40am Four miles and an hour later, we were out of the gridlock and heading the right direction.
10:11am We hit Springfield, Massachusetts and find that it, too, isn't the inspiration for the home of The Simpsons. But, it's also a place where spouse-rentals are possible.
10:47am Hartford, Connecticut - the state capital of Connecticut.
11:29am Meriden, Connecticut
11:53am Waterbury, Connecticut
12:57pm Bridgeport, Connecticut
2:08pm New Haven, Connecticut - the home of Yale.
3:17pm New London, Connecticut
4:03pm Mystic, Connecticut - they have the real Mystic Pizza, and it really exists -- it's not just a movie y'know.
4:53pm Warwick, Rhode Island
5:28pm Providence, Rhode Island - the state capital of Rhode Island.
8:10pm We landed in our room at the Motel 6 in Seekonk, Massachusetts and I got down to doing my thing... although there's virtually no proof of it now that it's 24 hours later and I'm re-writing just this vague update. We found a Wal-Mart and found that, in a cutting edge of retail services, they do gift registry here.
11:48pm Updates done, bathing complete, and now I'm off to sleepy eyes.

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