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Starting Location:  Seekonk, Massachusetts Ending Location:  Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Weather There:  Clear, light frost, 40°F

Weather Here:  

Overcast, 62°F
Starting Time:  6:34am Eastern Time Ending Time:  6:38pm Eastern Time
Starting Mileage:  29,982 Ending Mileage:  30,248
Oldest city seen:  Plymouth (c. 1620) Bars visited:  1 - Cheers, in Boston
New DVDs purchased:  3 (all previously spoiled, tho) States left to see:  1 - Maine

Today was one of those days of lots of driving, slowly, on secondary roads, and walking around historic places like Plymouth and Boston and Salem. And refusing to get out of the car in nondescript places like Fall River, Massachusetts.

6:00am The alarm goes off. What's new?
6:17am Tubby falls out of bed, and is dressed and packed. I'm very proud of him, even if there's only one more day for him to practice his quick wake-up skills.
6:34am We're in the car and have the engine running -- and find the mist on the windshield is apparently either frozen on, or drippings from a tree. In either case, they washed off easily.
6:36am The convenience store, across the street (hence, "convenience") were left with two less Diet Pepsis, but us $2.50 lighter.
6:56am We made our first stop in Fall River, and found that an early arrival is quite handy when you want to avoid traffic.
7:14am On our way to the next stop, we snap a picture of our rental car rolling over to 30,000 miles. Pretty good, when you consider we got it at 25,736 miles -- a tidy 4,512 miles since we got started (well, by the time we stop for the night, that is).
7:45am Newport is our next stop, which is a rather attractive town on the Atlantic Ocean, and surrounded by quaint shops and really, really expensive homes near the water.
10:07am The meandering of secondary highways (partly because it's scenic, partly because Tubby tries to avoid toll road areas) landed us in Plymouth. And it was something
10:49am At long last, Tubby purchased a book of 10 postcard stamps ($2.30 -- bargain!)... so the postcards we bought in Washington DC will actually go out in tomorrow's mail... only a week-plus late.
10:52am Back to the highway, sort of -- more secondary highways as we head to Boston.
11:27am The skyline of Boston comes into sight, and we navigate downtown, slowly.
1:35pm Boston is huge, so we'd hopped out of the car, and parked (about 2 1/2 hours, $23) for a walk-around. It was also an unseasonably warm day in Boston, with temperatures peaking at 69°F at its high today.
2:40pm Being enchanting and not at all bewitching, we pop into Salem to see what the place is all about.
3:55pm We ended up taking flight once again, but didn't get far.
4:09pm Lunch, or rather an early dinner, set in as a good idea, and we set the parking brake at IHOP and joined only one other couple in the restaurant, a server (Marilyn), cook and bus boy in occupying this old-school-looking restaurant.
5:25pm We manage to get out of Massachusetts, and cross into New Hampshire, met by a welcome sign and a toll booth. But by exiting the turnpike, we dropped our toll out-pay from $2 to 50 cents.
6:37pm After more driving in circles than I'd care to consider, we found the motel, and promptly passed it up for a Barnes & Noble (looking for a book, no success), and a Best Buy (looking for a DVD, found three and a CD).
7:09pm Now at the motel, although it took a bit of effort to find the small, hidden driveway along the busy main road.
7:18pm We're checked in and parked in room 210 of the rather new-looking Motel 6. (The landscape isn't even done yet, and there's a new-paint like smell in the place, although not in a bad, fumes sort of way.)
8:02pm Amidst posting the stuff from yesterday I didn't get posted (no connectivity), I found yesterday's log was wiped out. Drag. Especially as I'm not inclined to make it up. Sorry.
11:12pm The updates for today are done, and both yesterday and today are posting as we speak...
11:41pm Posting: successful. Bath: successful. Feathers stuck in the drain: not my problem (it's Tennille's, the housekeeper, according to the customer service card here in the room).
11:49pm Everything is said and done, so I'm going to bed -- and since we're a bit ahead of schedule, we're sleeping in an extra hour, until 7am tomorrow for this, our last day before departing for the home nest.

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