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Starting Location:  Portsmouth, New Hampshire Ending Location:  Bangor, Maine
Weather There:  Overcast, 43°F

Weather Here:  

Clear, 54°F
Starting Time:  8:02am Eastern Time Ending Time:  6:56pm Eastern Time
Starting Mileage:  30,248 Ending Mileage:  30,685
Toll booth stops:  5 State capitals seen:  1 - Augusta, Maine
Port-places visited:  3 Quaint roller rinks:  1 - Livermore Falls, Maine

This marks our last day in the car, the occasions of the last state -- Maine -- day to be visited, and the last day to buy trinkets and other crap to give away. At long last, Tubby has posted his postcards to family and friends, and paused to reflect on how few had to send. (He mumbled something about quality versus quantity; I just rolled my eyes.)

The lack of wireless internet from the motel, combined with the early-to-bed time to accommodate the early morning tomorrow, has regrettably delayed the posting of the update. Not that anyone much noticed, I suspect. Onward.

7:00am In a rare treat for having gotten ahead of scheduled yesterday, the alarm was set an hour later than usual. Go team.
7:09am The first snooze alert went off, and was ignored.
7:18am The second snooze alert went off, and Tubby and I fell to the floor.
7:41am Diet Pepsi was in order, and we ventured (after dressing, of course) to the lobby to purchase a beverage for the reasonable price of $1.50 for a 20-ouncer.
7:44am We got back to the room, and finished up packing.
7:55am We lugged the luggage downstairs, Tubby checked out, dropped those six postcards in the mail (yes, the ones from Washington DC, don'tcha know?), and out we went.
8:02am Aiming for the interstate, we only had to make the one U-turn this time, versus the five or so it took last night to get into the motel parking lot.
8:10am Definitely on the interstate now, as we got to chuck 50¢ into the toll booth catcher's mitt.
8:21am Another 50¢ into a second toll booth. And I have to slow down to 10 MPH to do it, too. Grr...
8:29am Choosing from one of six Rochester exits, we leapt from the turnpike and gave Rochester a wander.
8:54am Bored with the place, we're back at the turnpike, and yes kids, tossing another 50¢ into the toll booth thingy.
9:05am And completing our tool booth experience, we discard 50¢ for the last time into a New Hampshire tool booth.
9:11am Yes, kids, despite spending the night there, we returned to Portsmouth to wander around in the daylight, and not with the weird glare in our eyes. And that's the story I'm sticking with.
9:34am Again bored, we're aimed back for the interstate.
9:38am And on this last day of travel, we're now officially in the last state to visit -- Maine.
10:28am Drawn by a sense of curiosity and the coolness of the name, we went to and wandered around Kennebunkport. They are somewhat quiet about this being the summer home of the 41st president, George Bush (senior), aside from it being jotted on one of the postcards available at the touristy shop.
11:03am Having enough of that, we break from the shopping of sweatshirts and souvenirs and such and make our way back to the interstate.
11:17am Success! And it only cost us 50¢ to rejoin the interstate, which lucky for us, is a toll road in these parts of Interstate 95.
11:34am I don't really feel a great value for my 50 cents, having had to leave the turnpike after just 15 minutes, so we could give Portland a look-see.
12:04pm The fog was a bit of a downer, so we aimed back for the interstate.
12:45pm And paid yet another 50¢ for the privilege of using the turnpike. Today is quickly becoming a killer when it comes to tolls.
12:53pm Particularly when the toll booths come so soon before arriving at our exit. This time, we're arriving in Augusta, the state capitol of Maine. And if you can't remember it, they wrote it on the sign, just in case.
1:23pm Getting out of Augusta, we headed out to a cute little town out yonder. Tubby was drawn by the name, and most of the rest of us were just resigned to go along with most anything today, since we're all a bit tuckered out.
1:55pm We finally traversed the countryside of Maine to reach Androscoggin County and the town of Livermore Falls.
2:11pm After a smirk from Tubby and Robin's observation that the Livermore Falls high school's colors were the same as a Livermore high school near the nest, we were back on the same winding road back to Augusta and the interstate.
2:47pm Success! Our fancy-pants Chevy is reunited with its teacher, mother, secret lover -- the highway.
3:56pm With the short-term goal reached -- Bangor -- we have established a webbed-foothold to the city that would become our launching board tomorrow in the pre-dawn hours. After a wander here, though, Tubby was bound and determined (and usually he's just determined, but this was far more twisted) to get out to Springfield and add yet another Springfield township to the collection of places that the Simpson's are not from.
4:21pm The car is pointed toward the small town of Springfield, Maine, and the sun is beginning its descent toward the treetops and skyline.
5:38pm With the sun playing an infantile game of peek-a-boo, we arrive in Springfield. The first stop, both in chronological order and from a tall white tower perspective, is the church. We stopped for a photo there (before the others), but it was only across from the church the old lady in the house we were parked in front of was eyeing us something wicked. Tubby ignored her completely, of course.
5:44pm Largely owing to this being a teeny town -- just the one street with a few alleys and secondary streets running parallel to the highway -- the look-around process was abbreviated, at best.
5:45pm The open highway and uncluttered skyline afforded us a pretty good view of the sunset, even if the digital photos didn't do it justice.
7:03pm We manage to get back to Bangor, find a Motel 6, and check in with the somewhat disinterested guest relations clerk (front desk chick). We're plugged into room 261, which is precisely no where near the stairs, and there's no elevator. But no matter.
7:11pm After hauling up the essentials and discarding the first round of junk, we make our way out for the dinner quest. We discover at least a few of the residents are clearly long-term, and don't need to fuss with going out for dinner.
7:23pm Rather than fuss with the hide-and-seek of it all, we end up at Pizza Hut, where we're seated just out of eye-shot of the four college girls from New Hampshire. (The seating to keep Tubby out of starring angles, in my mind, meant we could get in and out of dinner without a lot of drama.) Our server, Katie Bishop, was rather efficient, and not displeasing to the eye. (But not super model, either.)
8:01pm With that unpleasantness behind us forever, we headed back to the motel, where I proceeded to arrange my bags, and found most everyone else was doing something similar.
8:28pm A mental vote was taken, 1-0 in favor of skipping everything but sleep -- we have a 3:30am alarm tomorrow to accommodate the 5:10am departure from Bangor to Boston on American Airlines.
9:12pm I'm in bed and ready for the zzz's. More later, since nothing much is going to be written tonight.

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