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U.S. Tour

Eight years and all 49 states comprising the United States -- and the District of Columbia -- later, I've seen 'em all. Unless Puerto Rico or Guam become states... not likely anytime soon, I'd speculate.

Small U.S. Map

To see places I've been within the United States, try the map to browse by state.
The six segments of the U.S. Tour, past, present, and now... well, done, so there is no future.

1.  Remember the Alamo tour / March 2002 (Southern states)

2.  Lewis & Clark Expedition tour / May 2002 (Pacific Northwest)
3.  Northern Lights tour / July 2002 (Alaska)
  4.  Central America tour / October 2002 (Great Lakes and Mid-West states)
  5.  Don't Tread on Me tour / October 2004 (New England states)
  6.  Pacific Paradise tour / Sometime in 2010 (Hawaii)

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