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Day 2- Thursday, 19 June 2003
Starting Location:  Cheyenne, Wyoming Ending Location:  Wagner, South Dakota
Weather There:  Foggy, drizzily, 58°F

Weather Here: 

Clear, blue, 78°F
Starting Time:  6:11am Mountain Time Ending Time:  7:09pm Central Time
Starting Mileage:  62,700 miles Ending Mileage:  63,301 miles
Miles Today:  601 miles Pepsi Consumed:  2.5 liters
Drive Time Today:  9 hours, 44 minutes Cute McDonalds Girls:  1, Kelley

The alarm sounded at 5:45am, and was duly disregarded. Tubby has alleged he had difficulty falling asleep on account of my snoring, without fully comprehending that ducks lack the complexities of physiology to snore. (He further didn't like my trying to point this out, either.) At any rate, he actually fell out of bed at 5:59am, and we were checked out and on the road by 6:11am. Not bad... he's never cut it as a firefighter with a 12 minute bed-to-vehicle time, but with his physique, that would be the least of his worries.

More rest stops, mostly. We popped into McDonald's in Sidney around 7:15am for the usual breakfast assortment. We were served by Kelley, a lovely lass with green eyes, braces, good posture, but an over-active fondness for green eye shadow. Had she elected to date me, I'd have filled her in on that tidbit, but since our relationship was purely professional, I said nothing.

For the second time in as many days, we leapt from 8:17am to 9:17am in a second, with a state-maintained green-and-white sign announcing we've changed time zones, thus, we're now soundly in Central Time until we return home.

Around 12:15pm, we crossed under the Great Platt Arch. What's so great about it? Dunno. But we've been bombarded with signs, posters, announcements, leaflets and the like about the bloody thing for 250 miles, so I thought I could at least lift a wing and snap a picture of it. But when you wander under the arch, be sure you're not speeding. Unless you're keen on doing so, and in that case, here's the key for calculating your fine.

We arrived in Grand Island, Nebraska around 1pm. This is both the turning point for our journey from an eastern direction to a northern one, but also the conversational point in which discussions have occurred about relocating. But then again, it's not like this is the first time I've heard of such talk. We had the conversation about southern Oregon, southern Washington, northern Indiana, and a host of other locations... so I tend to take it all in stride, at least, until a boatload of moving boxes arrives at the house (whether it be a collection of 1.51 cubic foot boxes, auto-bottoms, book, wardrobe, dish pack, etc...).

After snacks at Applebee's (the notion of eating from food choices on a lighted menu didn't appeal too much this time), we shifted from travel mode to tourist mode, and began a slow wander up Highway 281 between Grand Island, Nebraska and Wagner, South Dakota, and stopped at the places listed below:

Having reached Wagner a bit after 7pm, we checked in with some difficulty at the Super 8 Motel. (It seems the reservation made online never made it to their room reservation thing at the motel here in Wagner, although the name appeared on their guest lists and stuff.) The guy at the front counter, Leo, who's also the general manager, assured us that the best way to ensure the reservation is to call... stuff that comes over the internet (which was referred to as "a gas") doesn't always hit their computer, and even the reservations made through their reservations number don't always make it. Interesting observation to note, and as such, I'm noting it.

Having settled in, the boy and Rachel went to Boom's for dinner, and I began working on what's become a pile of updates. As you've probably figured out, I won't get them all done tonight, but what can you do? Exactly. But it's an ongoing process. And as it's nearing 11:30pm (Central Time), I'm dead duck tired, so, nighty-night.

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