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Day 4 - Saturday, 21 June 2003
Starting Location:  Wagner, South Dakota Ending Location:  Wagner, South Dakota
Weather There:  Clear and windy, 75°F

Weather Here:  

Overcast, 62°F
Starting Time:  7:44am Central Time Ending Time:  10:32pm Central Time
Starting Mileage:  63,748 miles Ending Mileage:  63,886 miles
New FrankPals:  21 added today (welcome!) Trip Plans Changed:  Possible 1, we'll see...
Reunions Visited:  1 50th anniversaries:  1 today, in Lake Andes

It began with the alarm buzzing about around 6:45am. I got up and after getting myself ready, woke the sleeping dead. Delores had indicated that Armour was having a town-wide rummage sale, which was set up a bit like a progressive event -- you get the map, and go from place to place. We arrived at Delores' place at 7:57am, just as the gang was heading out (lesse.... Delores, Evelyn, Carol, Veronica, Hilary, Brittany, Desiree, Dominique, Raven, Rachel, Tubby and I... and yes, I also noted that Tubby and I were the only men-folk along on this magic journey.)

We began in the basement of a big, light blue building. From there we moved over to a park, which had two groups of stuff, but more important to me, they had a John Deere tractor I could sit on. So I did. From there, finding my feet were a bit damp, I opted to waddle across the clothes selection, which both delighted the locals, and dried off the feet, including the hard-to-reach webbing between the toes.

There were a few other places, and we ended up with some selections on Mill Street. My favorite was the place that had both a desk that was perfect for me -- for $1! -- and was staffed by a blonde and very cute brunette. From there, we returned to Delores' place (to wave bye-bye and unload a few items we were carrying for the balance of the crew), and after a wander about in Delmont, we returned to the motel to await the Hour of the Reunion.

Well, not waiting, per se... it's not like I just sat and watched the corn grow. It was an hour of updates... these pages don't write themselves, after all. Sheesh, like I have a magic, web-page making monkey. Anyway.

On the way to Lake Andes, we popped into Ravinia, a town with a somewhat declining population; it's at 79, but it was in the mid-80s last year, or so I'm told. Didn't see a soul there, but with only 79 people, the odds aren't very favorable. Maybe 6-8 minutes later, we arrived in Lake Andes, and wandered about there before seeking out the school where the reunion activities were to be held.

Being as clever as a super-intelligent newt, I figured out that the 50+ cars parked at the end of Church Street is probably the school, and where we ought to be. I commanded my second-in-command to aim the car in that direction, and we were soon parking his ample frame adjacent to the baseball field. From there, we wandered in to the gym, which was laden with people, food, fans, and warmth. (Yes, it was air conditioned, but with an attendance of an estimated 220 or so, people are going to kick the temps up a bit, eh?)

One of the members of the reunion committee sort of ran the show, first welcoming everyone, and mentioning that the food being served already stated, and to pull up a plate if you haven't already. That said, he began by reviewing those that had passed on since the first reunion held in 2000. (The plan is to hold the next one in eight years, in 2008.) From there, a few awards to the oldest person there -- 87 years --, the youngest -- 4 months -- and the one that traveled the furthest, our own Evelyn from California.

That done, we moved into the family pictures between 1:30pm and about 2:30pm. Delores indicated there were 13 or so separate groups of folks, but the pictures went on for ages. I took a bunch, as did a few others, which I stuck out here. (They're not labeled because, well, I don't know anyone outside of those whom invited me, and we found the task of chatting with everyone and arranging the people into captions would be quite a daunting task.) Thus, for the time being, it's all about the collage... but if you're up to the task of telling me who's who, let me know and I'd be happy to update it all.

During this time, my social director, Rachel, introduced me to a bunch of folks at the reunion, we handed out as many Frank Meets the Carda Family pens that we could, and added 21 of the Carda family types to my FrankPals. (If you didn't get any pens, or you'd like more, just fill out the request form, and I'll mail them to you -- I have perhaps 100 left over. There is no cost to you for the pens or the shipping -- it's 100% free. :)

We left there around 3:30pm or so after lending a wing to help clean up tables and chairs, and I followed the family out to the cemetery on the west edge of town to visit the graves of family who've passed away. From there, back to the motel, where napping occurred for some, and for those of us in the feathered family, sitting down to catch up on updates. (If you've not quite noticed, with the new format being as it is, as well as the number of places visited in the last few days, lots of stuff to post... I think something like 40 new pages have been posted related to this trip. Anyway.)

About 6:45pm, we headed back to Lake Andes for the 50th wedding anniversary celebration of Leo and Shirley Payer, held at the VFW (for you youths, that's Veterans of Foreign Wars) building, at Lake and Third, if memory serves. It was a Hawaiian theme deal, complete with a mini-parade of grand kids in grass skirts and leis. (The cutest was the guy with the coconut bra, in my opinion.) We headed back to the motel about 10pm, where we called it quits for the night, and I settled in for a good long sit and update-writing. Ta!

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