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Day 6 - Monday, 23 June 2003
Starting Location:  Ogden, Utah Ending Location:  Portland, Oregon
Weather There:  Light rain, 63°F

Weather Here:  

Partly cloudy, 63°F
Starting Time:  5:58am Mountain Time Ending Time:  6:01pm Pacific Time
Starting Mileage:  64,837 miles Ending Mileage:  65,613 miles
Total Miles Today:  776 miles Most Expensive Gas:  $2.29/gallon near Portland
Drive Time Today:  10 hours, 37 minutes Fry Sauce Received:  2 packets, from Josh

Once again, the alarm sounded before the crack of day (5:30am our local time), which means we managed to actually get on the road before the 6am target... and that included waking the waifish clerk that checked us in last night, to check us out of the motel this morning. Nice to complete the transaction with familiar faces, isn't it?

It took just an hour to step from Utah to Idaho, and at 6:57am (Mountain), we did just that. About 10 minutes later, we explored the first of, well, the only rest area we looked into within Idaho. By 8am, we got as far as Heyburn, and six minutes later, Burley. Both are in Idaho, of course. After snacky-cakes in McDonald's (yes, I know, but we're on a schedule, and they were the first place we saw), we headed out again. But not before Rachel got two packets of a mysterious "Fry Sauce" from Josh, a trainee, manning the counter.

We drove and drove, and reached Boise (the capital of Idaho) around 11am. At high noon, we popped into Caldwell to look about and leer at a couple of oddly shaped buildings. About 12:30pm, we crossed into Oregon and reached Ontario, which had an unfortunate lack of anything I wanted to photograph.

Around 1:22pm, we hit Pacific Time and 12:22pm for the last time change on the trip. And yes, I realize there are no links yet. Patience... I'm still trying to figure out the whole re-design based on the design team's recommendations about ease-of-use and all that crud. So... sorry for the delay, but check back, links will appear, promise.

About 12:45pm, we popped into Durkee in what turned out to be largely an accident. The town lacked a sign, anything beyond a few homes, a perpetual yard sale, church, post office, and a guy working on a purple-colored Pinto. We left after only receiving two dogs barking at me, and the older guy staring at us (between fussing with his purple Pinto).

Our trip between Durkee (yawn) and Portland was interrupted only by the myriad of construction zones that reduced the speeds from 65 MPH to 55 or even 45, the lanes from 2 to 1, and the overall staggering number of Oregon State Police cars out and about (and half of them were wielding radar guns in a rude and threatening manner... but the whole bloody interstate was no more than 10 miles over posted speed limits, so I suppose it was working as planned).

Lunch consisted of chicken combos from the Dairy Queen in Pendleton, right around 2:30pm. The town isn't terribly big, but if you want it to look really small, try viewing it from the opposite side of the valley. From eight or nine miles away, you can't really even tell it's there when you look from the scenic view turnout (here and here), even though the vague shadow of clumps of trees does sort of hint at civilization.

At long last, we reached Portland a bit after 6pm. We wandered around briefly, let Rachel demonstrate her intellectual side with a trip to Barnes and Noble (nothing was purchased, in deference to Amazon and the link from my site, yea!), and we hit the Motel 6 for the night. Dinner was a bland demonstration at the neighboring Denny's, but motel guests got a 15% discount, and we know what a whore the boy is for discounts.

Anyway, the evening pretty much ends with me being too lazy to post pictures tonight (well, they're posted now, aren't they?), since I decided to get to sleep at a decent hour (11pm) for a change. Nighty-night!

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