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Day 7 - Tuesday, 24 June 2003
Starting Location:  Portland, Oregon Ending Location:  The Compound
Weather There:  Overcast, 50°F

Weather Here:  

A bit too warm, 87°F
Starting Time:  6:20am Pacific Time Ending Time:  7:14pm Pacific Time
Starting Mileage:  65,613 miles Ending Mileage:  66,276 miles
Total Miles Today:  656 miles Total Miles for Trip:  4,742 miles
Drive Time Today:  9 hours, 58 minutes    

The standard-issue Motel 6 may or may not include an alarm clock as part of the standard stuff in the room. In this instance, it was not included, so we awoke via my innate, rooster-like ability to detect time, sunrise, and the whereabouts of the hen house (not useful in this instance). The time, as such, I woke Tubby and girl up was about 5:37am. After ensuring both rolled into the realm of the living, I checked out, and herded my flock into the car. After a stop for gas, we were on the road right about 6:20am.

Most of the stops we either made, or planned to make, all resided in Oregon. The reason being, I'm still planning a return trip to the Northwest, including Oregon and Washington state cities. (We did get into Vancouver, Washington, but I was tired and hungry, so we left without a single useable picture.)

Out of Portland, our first stop over was in Salem, for breakfast foods (served by the lovely by somewhat deer-in-the-headlights Morgan at the window of McDonalds), and a wander over to the state capital. Once again, I'm impressed by states where I can get right into front of, park, and get out and walk around without the whole security checkpoint fiasco). Just an observation, the capital building does look a bit unusual, but that's they way we do it here, I guess.

From Salem, we wandered through Eugene around 8:30am, but found more traffic there than odd sights, so we didn't get as much in the way of nifty stuff to share... but I tried, oh, how I tried!

At 9:30am, I landed briefly in Roseburg to look around, get more snacks, and so forth. All sorts of things to see here, and maybe it's just me, but it seems like the smaller towns just have more in the way of character and unique things that I don't often see everywhere else. Certainly, a large city will give you an all-glass sided 20-floor office building... but after the first few, it's just as impressive as a drive-thru convenience store.

We arrived in Grants Pass around 11am, and had a look about there as well. I managed to encounter all sorts of statues of bears and such, which was all very nice and a bit worrisome for a little fellow like myself, but after observing them to be more colorfully painted than the average Vegas showgirl, I figured these gentle Ben-like creatures weren't real. Or very, very tolerant, but soon confirmed it was the former more than the latter.

We got off of Interstate 5 to have a look around Medford, but didn't find too much of a photographic nature (for my tastes, anyway), but we did manage to stop at the Fred Meyer to grab more snacks (yes, I happen to like snacks), pick up some property for sale booklets. From Medford, we remained on one of the inter-town roads, more by accident and being too lazy to find the highway, versus some grand plan.

Which worked out well enough, because I don't think we'd have otherwise found and wandered about the town of Talent. The name and possibilities of it alone make it worth it. For example:

  • Looking for Talent? Try Oregon!
  • Talent Scouts gather by the troop load during Scout-o-Rama.
  • Every kid between 13 and 19 is a Talented teenager.
  • Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Now try some of your own on a friend or co-worker, and watch the hilarious results!

We found Ashland sitting, quite politely, full of talented actor types (who do not hail from Talent) as part of the Shakespeare Festival. But while abstract plans were made to actually come here and watch a play or two, today's trip was mostly to look about, grab a brochure of when plays were... playing, and seek out food.

The seeking of food was delayed until Yreka. Which, of course, is in California, and past the agricultural inspection station. Being a native of California, I'm used to these every time I come home (whether by car, plane, or boat), but this is the first time I was greeted with a sign that read "OK to Go" versus a uniformed agriculture inspector. Curious, but I guess as long as they weren't all inside getting paid to play chess, I'm okay with it.

I managed to get lunch, and continue down the final stretch of highway. Between construction and a couple of other factors, though, the drive time was extended by nearly two hours, much to my dismay. But all in all, it was a decent trip, I got to meet a bunch of new people, see new things, and other goodies like that. Going back? Yup. When? Not sure yet... but sooner than later...

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