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Four Corners + Grand Canyon  
Starting Location:  The Nest Ending Location:  Needles, California
Weather There:  Slight breeze, 67°F

Weather Here:  

98°F (just cooled from 113°F)
Starting Time:  8:00am 8:13am 8:28am (PDT) Ending Time:  5:45 (PDT)
Starting Mileage:  204,985 miles Ending Mileage:  205,702 miles

As things go, a bit of a vanilla day. The trip itself was mostly a wandering around the Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah bits, and a teeny touch into Nevada. The problem with departing from Wicktonville, though, is it takes a bit of work to get to the starting point.

8:00am The planned departure time. It didn't happen.
8:13am We actually got out of the driveway.
8:28am The car finally made it to the interstate; my travel companion, Peep, needed Starbucks, it seems...
9:37am We bounced by one of the fine California roadside rest stops. Stoopid Starbucks...
11:40am Bakersfield, ho! After grabbing some lunch fixin's, I headed over to a local park.
12:16pm The travel party relied on -- and blamed -- me for the selection of a park for lunch. Certainly, we found shade away from the 101°F heat, but Saunders Park seemed unpleasant to my discriminating guests.
12:19pm Park selection aside, Peep and I broke bread all the same.
12:41pm Clearing out of the park (after properly disposing of our rubbish), we ducked into Wendy's for a Frosty. Did I mention it was 101°F out there?
12:50pm Back on Highway 58 and headin' toward the California state line.
1:51pm Given my penchant for Diet Pepsi and that I travel in a Ford, it was time for fuel in Mojave.
3:06pm Another visit to a roadside rest stop... this time, the blame goes to the liter of Diet Pepsi.
3:50pm Yup, another roadside rest stop.
5:45pm After hitting the fine Motel 6 and being assigned to room 129, I hopped back into the car to check out beautiful Needles, California. Beautiful being relative, of course...
6:57pm Okay, so the recent rain storm that brought the town from 113°F down to a mere 98°F wasn't very impressive to me... the weather was still hot and muggy. So I hit in the Denny's and had a marginal dinner served by an equally marginal server, Danny.
10:41pm It was lights out for me after sitting through a movie on DVD I brought with... to spoil, of course.


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