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Four Corners + Grand Canyon  
Starting Location:  Needles, California Ending Location:  Farmington, New Mexico
Weather There:  Warming fast, muggy, 91°F

Weather Here:  

Overcast, 90°F
Starting Time:  8:16am (PDT) Ending Time:  11:55pm (MDT)
Starting Mileage:  205,702 miles Ending Mileage:  206,268 miles

At least today involved more sight-seeing, although it was to the point where too much sight-seeing was a bit more than planned, and as such, cut into getting into Farmington at a reasonable hour. But we finally did arrive, safe, sound, though tired and totally having missed out on being in the middle of the thunderstorm by a mere half-hour or so.

8:16am Back on the road again, though only briefly.
8:24am Fuel stop before heading out of town. Fortunately I didn't need much at these prices, though I was entertained by a turrets-sounding bicyclist who was riding down the street, swearing at everything.
8:47am We crossed into Arizona... though the time didn't change since Arizona doesn't really get into that whole Daylight Savings thing.
8:54am Opting for a detour, we headed down the two-lane highway to Lake Havasu City to take a look at the London Bridge.
9:17am London Bridge, though nothing's falling down... and yes, I checked.
9:24am As I walked along the edge of the water, the fish began following us like trained seals... suspicious.
9:26am It wasn't long before I saw why -- tourists feed the fish. Although in the case of this idiot, he's feeding the fish French fries from Wendy's. Not a marine biologist by any means, but I'm pretty sure fish weren't intended to eat a food that's deemed unhealthy even to humans.
9:29am There's a little London-like area, complete with theatre, though they seem to have taken creative license a bit far with their sign.
9:46am After another stop at Starbucks, we passed by this rather cute car (duh, a pest control company vehicle).
9:51am We're back on the road, and after getting yet another soda, we're back on Interstate 40, eastbound.
10:34am Along the road before you hit Kingman (or after, if you're going west), you pass a rather swell house.
1:01pm Lots of driving meant lunch in Flagstaff. Top off the fuel at the Safeway and get a bonus discount -- 6¢ off per gallon, dropping the cost to a mere $2.839... woohoo!
2:47pm We opted to pop by the Meteor Crater outside of Winslow.
4:58pm I was a bit taken back by how long I lingered at the crater, but Eduardo gave a pretty good crater rim walk and talk.... but we're back on the road with LOTS of miles left to travel today -- d'oh!
5:54pm Soda break, Holbrook.
7:21pm > 8:21pm We crossed into New Mexico a few minutes before the sun was setting into the western horizon. It's also here I figure since New Mexico does Daylight Savings Time, and we're in the Moutain Time zone, it's time to update the clock.
8:36pm Hearing proof of it being meal time, we stopped in Gallup for some buffet-style buffet eats. It was marginal, at best, but filling.
9:57pm An impressive lightning storm right around Farmington, though from a distance. Pictures were tough at best, but the full moon was easier to photograph.
11:55pm We FINALLY got into Farmington and their dandy Motel 6, complete with air condition on the fritz. But golly, it was only like 90°F by this hour, so why worry... and off to bed with me.


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