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Four Corners + Grand Canyon  
Starting Location:  Farmington, New Mexico Ending Location:  Williams, Arizona
Weather There:  Too warm for 8am, 84°F

Weather Here:  

Bloody warm, 96°F
Starting Time:  7:38am (MDT) Ending Time:  6:04pm (MST)
Starting Mileage:  206,268 miles Ending Mileage:  206,678 miles

If one day was to stand out as the day where one saw, did, and visited more than any other day, this would have been it. The pinnacle of the trip had been both Four Corners and the Grand Canyon, and in the span of a single day, I was able to visit both. Which means, in theory, the rest of the trip is downhill, right? Mostly...

7:38am All the this' and that's are loaded and we're on the road...
7:50am After a fuel stop, we're on the road once again.
8:06am We pass through one of my favorite natural oddity towns, Shiprock. (They have a giant rock virtually floating in the desert, hence the "ship" rock.)
8:23am Politely enough, we slow down as we pass through the tiny hamlet of Beclabito.
8:52am Legally turning, we venture north-ish from Teec Nos Pos.
9:02am After paying for most of the passengers, we arrive into the Four Corners monument. (I told the gate keeper the correct total, she misheard, and I felt it wasn't my place to tell her how to do her job... a $3 savings, technically).
9:14am We stood in queue a bit behind a group of leather-clad humans on "hogs," which seems about right... whenever I visit this place, there's always a group of leather-clad humans on Harleys visiting the place.
9:21am Peep and I took the standard-issue Four Corners photo, of course.
9:30am Not everyone apparently shares my enthusiasm for such travel. Maybe if they had motorcycles...?
9:37am Not one to let a rare opportunity get away, I shelled out the $3 for some fry bread with cinnamon for myself and Peep. He was underwhelmed by the experience... silly Peep.
9:52am With the fry bread gone and having had my fill of frowning children, I got back on the road, opting for the scenic loop over into Colorado, Utah and through Monument Valley.
9:58am We crossed into Colorado at a nondescript point, though they did trouble themselves to put up a sign.
10:14am Same deal, except this time into Utah.
10:57am We rolled into Bluff, and this time had a wander around the fort there, established by local LDS (Mormons) who were trying to build a peaceful relationship with the local Native Americans (and for the most part, did rather well).
12:44pm > 11:44am And once again, state line -- now into Arizona. And it's here technically, we cross back over to Mountain Standard Time and lose the hour back to the same as Pacific Time. Wacky world of ours, eh? Lovely area, of course.
11:52am Just a random placement found us where I did a photo shoot for my book cover. If you're one of those who has to visit such places, it's 4.6 miles up on Highway 163 from Kayenta.
11:58am We land in Kayenta for a bit and opt to perch at Sonic for lunch. (It was that, McDonalds or Burger King, and neither of those I much fancied, nor did I want to build my own lunch from the local market.)
1:12pm Back in the car, and we made the vast two minute journey to the Giant (gas station) two blocks down to top off. And at only $3.04 a gallon, it was a virtual bargain.
1:22pm Speaking of bargains, since we bought eight gallons, I was entitled to a free treat... I opted for the Nerds rope candy. Yummy!
2:31pm More driving, and driving, and driving, and oopa-loompa, we're in Tuba City! (Yeah, whatever.)
3:03pm We arrived at the eastern gate of the Grand Canyon. Not an oft used gate, I'd guess, just one attendant and no other cars to be seen. (Which suits me just fine.)
3:19pm Peep and I made the rounds of the various view points, but the weather was making the place a bit tepid for my feathered-ness. I never fail to marvel at how so many of the photos of this place -- at least that I taken -- tend to appear almost as though they're of a mural somewhere (as thus here and there).
5:06pm Having had enough of that bit of excitement, we got back on the road for our destination for the evening, Williams.
5:58pm We landed in Williams via the slightly more scenic inlet that, from the interstate, would have been exit 165. Or 164; I forget. But definitely not the touristy 163.
6:04pm A drive down Railroad and we found suitable lodging (well, pursuant to the reservation I made, of course.)
6:22pm Peep and I made use of the pool, but when the place started to fill up with pre-teens and rambunctious teenage boys, we were done and heading back to the sanctuary of room 203.
8:24pm I made occasion to have dinner at the Pine Country Restaurant, across from the old train depot. Not bad, and the fries were particularly to my liking. And, the served Pepsi and not Coke -- good on ya.
9:32pm We made our way out and back to the room to make nighty-night. So, nighty-night.

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