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Four Corners + Grand Canyon  
Starting Location:  Williams, Arizona Ending Location:  Barstow, California
Weather There:  Reasonably nice, 74°F

Weather Here:  

Toasty warm, 97°F
Starting Time:  7:53am (MST) Ending Time:  8:21pm (PDT)
Starting Mileage:  206,678 miles Ending Mileage:  207,048 miles

Bright and early, and out the door. Today marked a three state crossing, and not cheating like circling Four Corners... nope, a crossing of Arizona, 150+ miles of Nevada and into California before the sun sets. Or... after it sets, as the course of events carried us.

7:53am We're vehicle-bound once again.
8:23am After a few requisite stops for fuel and soda, we managed to get back onto Interstate 40, at the renowned exit 163.
9:56am We passed through Kingman, loading up on, yup, more soda, and various snacky cakes. (Peeps may look like they're just marshmallow fluff, but they can really sock it away, let me tell you.)
11:25am We approached the biggest instance of man damming it along this coast, at Hoover Dam. There was a couple of check points to ensure we weren't one of the prohibited vehicles across the dam, of course.
11:38am We passed through Boulder City (it was more or less built up from the dam's construction crews and became a lasting town after the fact).
11:56am Our travel party descended the foothills into Henderson and finally Las Vegas.
12:29pm After missing the I-215 cut-off, we found ourselves on 515 and then wandering down Las Vegas Boulevard... at lunch time. Eek.
12:48pm Finally navigating the Boulevard, we park in the shaded Tropicana lot, which offers some slight protection from the 101°F temperatures that are gracing us on this visit.
1:12pm Lunch becomes a food court adjacent to M&M World along the Boulevard. Not horrible, though annoying in that at the pizza court, the chica told us whole pizzas weren't available for another two hours, yet 10 minutes later someone else ordered one anyway. Grrr!
1:37pm Off and running from lunch (figuratively, no sane person runs in 101°F heat), we wandered down the Boulevard.
2:42pm Calling it a surrender, we abandon the mission of walking as far as Treasure Island, and retreat into an indoor shopping mall whose name escapes me.
3:37pm Back outside from the cozy, air-conditioned haven of the mall, but we were bummed to learn we'd only saved ourselves maybe 200 feet of walking outdoors.
4:22pm As I'm waiting to cross over one of the over-pass walkways, I happen to observe WHY it seemed to blasted warm along the sidewalk... the sidewalks are either glazed or coated with something reflective, so the heat is not only pounding from above, but being reflected off the ground... surely a tactic to push pedestrians to walk through the casinos, surely.
4:57pm We're back in the car, and somewhat disappointed to see the temperature, for all our shaded parking, hasn't dipped one iota. Blast!
6:14pm It hadn't gotten much cooler since leaving Las Vegas, and in fact, when we arrived in Baker, California, the temperature was 108°F, though the world's largest thermometer said otherwise.
6:17pm We settled down for dinner in Baker, knowing it was going to be another hour or so before we set webbed feet down into Barstow.
7:22pm Back on the road, but...
7:48pm wasn't long before were at a dead stop for construction delays. It did give us a chance to get some sunset pictures, and even one of the highway patrol standing by.
8:21pm We finally arrived in Barstow and checked into another fine Motel 6, this time being assigned to 131.
9:58pm After sitting though a bit of the Mythbusters cable flick, it was off to sleepies with me.


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