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Four Corners + Grand Canyon  
Starting Location:  Barstow, California Ending Location:  The Nest
Weather There:  Humid and muggy, 86°F

Weather Here:  

Yup, still hot, 96°F
Starting Time:  7:48am (PDT) Ending Time:  4:47pm (PDT)
Starting Mileage:  207,048 miles Ending Mileage:  207,636 miles

Not unlike the first day of a trip, the last is predominately a drive-until-you-drop event. And we did just that, though not without poking our heads into the Calico Ghost Town there about 10 minutes east of Barstow before making our final trek back to the nest.

7:48am We're in the car for one last day, eh?
8:23am Property topped off with fuel, we headed out to Calico Ghost Town. Of course, the place doesn't open until 9am (who knew?), so we got in at a reduced rate.
8:31am In retrospect of the reduced rate, I think we're better off... not "open" simply means the glut of shops and merchants aren't hocking their wares, and you could actually wander amongst a mostly empty place. Not a single person blocking my view of the bottle house, for example.
8:37am Both the fire bucket brigade and apparatus were present, though given the era of the town and equipment, the buckets would have been the primary firefighting equipment during Calico's heyday.
8:57am As the place began to open, and the mercury continued to climb, it was time to hit the road for the home nest.
10:03am There's nothing that says good eats like a snack break at a truck stop. So as we passed Kramer Junction along Highway 58 between Barstow and Boron, I stopped for a Whatchamacallit and a soda. Yummy!
12:02pm Passing through Bakersfield, we stopped for stuff's for lunch, and to check out a fire truck, of course.
12:41pm And the stop for lunch to partake of those lunch stuff's... and how could we pass up the rest stop around mile 210 of Interstate 5? Couldn't -- exactly...
3:08pm One last stop for fuel and nibbles before we pushed on home.
4:47pm Arrival at The Destination. And darn the heat, the nest was waaayyy too toasty, although a flip of an air conditioning switch remedied that quick like bunny.


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