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Name: Frank A. Duck
Birthday: Friday, February 27, 1987
Birthplace: Monterey, California, USA
Keep a diary?: Sort of... my Blog is a rarely touched item
Get fan mail?: Rarely, but sometimes...
Genius & Species: Chenonetta jubata (Maned duck or maned goose)
Marital Status: Single, but looking (with few nibbles yet)
Ideal Date: Sunset next to a pond, nibbling on bread crumbs
Yahoo Profile: Posted here
Ideal Date: Sunset next to a pond, nibbling on bread crumbs
My timeline:
A short version of the Frank story is here.
If your volume is up, and your browser can play sounds, you should be hearing what I sound like when I'm talking to other maned ducks.
Australian Maned Duck (or Maned Goose)
Obviously, not a picture of me... but rather, what the relatives usually look like.   Handsome, eh?


The site began on a small server in Tubby's home, but it was quickly apparent that I would be more popular than he was (or is).  Today, I'm far bigger than he is -- in popularity; he's still much, much fatter...

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