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Although you may (or may not) believe it, isn't some rinky-dink operation run out of our garage. (Not that those aren't always a bad thing... that's how Apple Computers got started, circa 1976.)

But... we don't build computers. And I don't like apples. Or Apples, for that matter (I'm a PC sort of duck, as well as one who's politically correct... usually.)

So, I've chosen to branch out and establish regional offices. These may be to allow my employees the flexibility to relocate without having to lose their jobs, where awareness of me isn't quite getting proper marketing, or where I can go to escape from bill collectors. (I guess if I was trying to escape, though, I wouldn't tell you were these places are, huh?).

Region or Office Name Office Location
Corporate Office Northern California
Great Lakes Office  
Midwestern Office Tripp, South Dakota
New England Office  
Southern Office  

As you can see, I am also looking to also open regional offices in the Great Lakes, New England and South areas, so if you have any suggestions of what may suit my preferences, please let me know.

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