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Hangin' With Angel

October 15-29, 2005

Frank at the board Teacher-duck conference Sharing my Frank Pens with da kiddies
Mr. Dunlop tries to explain to me the awesome power of the high notes at the board. Mr. Caperealli and I go over some of the kids' homework; I had to keep from laughing at times. :) That brunette girl borrows a pen from me as we were sitting around in Avid class.
Studin' Oh yea!  I got a water bottle! Trying out a new necklace
Denise tries to explain biology to me as though I were a 4-year-old. But we were talking ducks, yea! Jose and Goldfish argue the merits of bottled water versus what's over there in the faucet. Molly and Keli try to see if I could be any cooler with jewelry -- but I'm already as cool as can be.

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