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I decided to pop into the Monterey Bay Aquarium to see other birds of the feather, underwater foliage, splashes and other such things. (Of course, if you were coming here often, like every weekend, I'd recommend buying a membership. Most of the amount is tax-deductable, and you will get a membership card with a cute sea otter on one side, and your name on the other side.)

You know how much I love signs. Sea otters floating around in a tub of ice water. Hardly a Jacuzzi, but whatever floats your boat otter. The kelp forest is maybe three stories tall, complete with a wave machine to move things around.
Guess how many people called this clown fish, "Nemo." (Hint: more than just the kids.) Okay, quiz time: There is one bird that gets to go home tonight. Guess which one: __________ Outside the place is a simulated tide pool thingy, and I managed to stand here just as it went goosh!
Inside, looking through the 13" thick plexiglass into the giant tuna (and other fish) tank. Don't worry about the fish -- he's more afraid of us than we are of him. No, really. The views of the surrounding bay isn't all that bad, either.

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