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The human adult types were having an evening out, and needed a babysitter in a pinch. Of course, they mentioned this after I was basked in attention, a soothing massage and surrounded by candles. But kids like me; I'm kind-hearted, absorbent, and just their size -- but can still call 911 if the situation presents itself. (Plus, I was promised I could have a scoop of sherbet once the kid went to sleep.)

Before they ran off, I got a quick lesson in the mechanics of the car seat (a bit unnecessary, though). C'mon, a seat with wheels. How tough can this babysitting stuff be, anyway? Yup, it's like watching a reality TV show, only with cooler toys. Sweet!
Better than reality TV; I get little baby kisses, and virtually no drooling on my soft head. Okay, feeding time. This part was a bit more complicated, but still manageable. Ee-okay... diaper change. I'll spare you the annoyance of having to watch me get my wings dirty.

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