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Dining out has its time and place, but there's nothing better than food you prepare yourself, over an open flame, in your own particular idiom. And if it's an opportunity to serve SPAM®, well heck, who -- duck and human alike -- could pass up such an opportunity? So let's burn some of the meat-in-a-can...

All good BBQs begin with two basic elements - charcoal (or wood), and flammable liquids. Just add fire, and whoosh! Flaming. (Lesson learned: Don't get too close to the flames.) When preparing food, you should invest in a chef's hat -- it's the look that makes the man duck.
The thicker pieces of meat often need more time on the fire, so be sure you plan accordingly. I'm more of a sous chef, really. Regular and open-faced SPAMburgers, along with Hot Tamales as a side dish, and a sprinkled donut for afters.

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