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In case there was any doubt, yes, I am more popular than the Bald One. Proof? I've been invited to tag along to the Blazer Bash 2003 in Moab, Utah with a handful of monkeys, Doug, Aaron and his Camp Koala.

For those of you just tuning in, it's all part of the Moab-bound voyage with the Blazer Chalet folks... There is (only one) down side of not traveling with Tubby -- his laptop remains at work, where he ostensively is also working. But now that I'm back, updates are moot and the pictures are readily available.

You can't have a road trip without a car check-up. I decide to chat with Doug about the Quadrajet. Unfortunately, that went downhill fast, when we tended to disagree with the overall design of same. This gave me some perspective of what I was in for...
For the record, it's not that we didn't want to ask for directions -- there was no one else to ask. A critical decision point. But this, and the map, was just what we needed to call it a "good day." But despite this hurdle, we managed to arrive, alive, and only driving slight over 55 (ish).

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