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Burning Man 2001

So, I received, and obviously accepted, an invitation to attend Burning Man (official site) between August 27 and September 3.  It did leave me without a free trip to Atlanta, Georgia, and the night life of Buckhead, but life is full of choices. Or so I'm told.

To give you an idea of how remote the event site is (prefer an interactive map?)  The site itself; I was roughly at the dot, Enlightenment - The Justice 7:20 It's important to load up on supplies before takin' off...
On the way to Burning Man is the customary stop in Gerlach, Nevada In center camp, chatting away with a bloke about Piss Clear Hanging with one of the rangers...
Playa Chicken place (note the FrankStuff pen in the guy's hand) Sayin' hello to the woman who rode in a large red shoe View of PedEx

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