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Burning Man 2005

For my 18th birthday, Tubby got me a ticket to Burning Man. (Talk about an un-lame gift; I only told him I wanted something I wouldn't have to dust off, feed, maintain, pay taxes on, refrigerate or water.) So, between Monday, August 29 and Sunday, September 4, I was perched at Black Rock City (BRC), nestled within Black Rock Desert.

I didn't have a laptop to work with (concerns about keeping it safe from the intrusive playa dust), so this is more a picture-with-words event instead of a narrative of what we did, and when -- especially as there were entire periods of time where I did nothing more than sit in the shade...

If you want to read details and such, or want to get on the band wagon for next year, you can get your official news and information from the Burning Man web site, at And odds are very strong next year will be an established camp area for the Duck's Nest, so if you wanna come with, drop me a note.

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