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So, here we are again. The Camp Duck didn't materialize as we'd hoped, but to keep things simple from a navigation perspective, I'm keeping the same menu buttons as we saw on the Burning Man 2005 page.

Lessons learned: If a duck arrives late Wednesday instead of early Monday, and leaves after the burn on Saturday instead of late Sunday, said duck experiences less. Far less. Point taken.

For 2007, plans for a Camp Wicktonville are already in progress. The Mayor has voted her support to attend, and a dignitary from Maine is scheduled to be in town and has also expressed her interest in joining myself and, regrettably, Tubby. So, that's 2007, where Black Rock City and Burning Man explore the Green theme.

Meanwhile, here's what you saw -- or missed -- in 2006:

Burning Man icon and web site
Arrival and Departure Art and Mutant Vehicles Arts and Creations
The 'Belgium' Waffle Burning the Man Camps and Campers
Panoramic Views Random This 'n That Sunset, Sunrise
What is Burning Man?      
Aerial views of Burning Man, Our distance to the Man, and Camp Wicktonville (lifted from Google Maps).
Aerial View of Burning Man 2006 Distance between the Man and our camp Our camp at Burning Man 2006 (Camp Wicktonville)

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