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I guess since I didn't know what to expect, it was all unexpected. We ended up in space 123 (yes, really), which was reasonably okay. In 125, our neighbors to the east, were a couple of kids (Jack and Diane?), who apparently finish dinner with a more audible and hedonistic form of dessert. Not what I expected to hear while here. As a diversion, I popped over to the Point Sur Lightstation.

Well, what is an adventure if it doesn't start with a sign? I thought I'd look around a bit, so I set off after putting some snacks in my knapsack. This isn't good... the water was at least 4-5" deep, and that would put water up to my tummy.
After the hike, it's time to set up the tent... Trees good, fire bad. Except when you camp, fire's good -- so we started one. Sunset, sunrise, and it's morning. Being the first one up, I felt it was my duty to start a warm-up fire.
Well, I may not be Mrs. O'Leary's cow, and this isn't Chicago, but I start a decent-sized fire. Okay, breakfast. Lucky Charms, the breakfast of champion campers. And 10" tall ducks. Which would have been nifty, had Tubby brought bowls. But I'm clever, so I improvised.

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