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Come for the food, stay for the games. Who are we kidding... no one comes for the food. But the games are okay.

My score isn't "log"... all zeros.  Hard to kick the ball and score (hard to roll 'em without hands). Not sure what the point is here, but I must have dropped like 40 coins in just to make a few fall. My favorite one - punch ducks! (Kinda like beating up your little brother without getting yelled at!)
A Barbie-and-Ken Sea-Doo race (I'm Ken).  And yes, kids, I won - woohoo! It's not being in the cage I mind, even... it's the strange kid that followed me in that annoyed me. Ah... peace at last (and a great place for a decent picture amongst the tubes).
Not quite as nice as the boy's car to drive, but not a bad second -- an adorable VW Beatle! Here's what it's all about - prizes!  Redeem the tickets (that cost ya $25 to buy) for a $3 trinket.  Yea, capitalism! If you've ever been to Chuck E. Cheese, you'll know no one comes here for the pizza.  Thus,  no photos of me eating pizza.

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