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I got an invite to attend one of the first showings of Star Trek: Nemesis... okay, I wasn't asked to go, I actually invited myself -- but the end result was I got to go, and didn't pay for the outing.  And yes, you ought to be surprised by my pushiness of the self-invitation, particularly after I read the lackluster reviews of the movie.  Even if the movie totally bit it, well, I was going with a gaggle of sisters (woohoo!)

Of course, to fit in, I had to quickly fashion some Vulcan ears to not stand out amongst the nerds.  In the nerdy fashion of my companions, we left at 5:35pm for a 7pm showing.  Eek.  But it was also coinciding with a KKIQ radio broadcast from the theatre, so I figured I could always turn this into a public appearance of my own.  

I was issued commander pips, but wanted to get captain ones, thus I could be Capt. Tennille. Emmy (I think, didn't check the spelling) was there with her bro, Frank. A good name that, Frank Robert & Rob were friendly, and gladly accepted FrankPens. (Did you notice they're both "Rob"?)
Mark Davis of the KKIQ radio fame, with some cute sisterly chicks, Brittany and Hilary. Seated at last.  And no, the Diet Coke to my left isn't mine.  Sweet Jesus... me, Coke? Geez, do you take me for a savage? Some twit pulled the fire alarm, so we all had to wait in the rain for 20 minutes.  Oddly enough, this was the movie's highlight.

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