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Having completed my high school equivalency exam eons ago (which is defined, in my world, as over a year ago), I ventured out to college, y'know, just to give it a try. But not one to offer tourism programs, I was put in class just like everyone else, and given homework (bummer). I also managed to experience the horror of what happens when you oversleep and miss your ride to school (again, bummer).

Yes, well... you have probably long since realized how much I love me in front of signs and stuff. First up is Algebra. But aside from getting Jennifer as a FrankPal, I recognize I'm not a math guy... ... so, I had to head over to the Math Lab for help. (This is why I have an Accounting department.)
Getting down to brass tacks and math, I end up having to put pencil to paper and get crackin'... Seeing solitude, I headed out to the library, and managed to find a quiet corner amongst the masses. The reference materials section proves an excellent nesting and hiding place.
Being a big fan of labs, I found that the English Lab provided me some unsupervised internet access. =) Outside the Lecture Hall is a small assortment of breakfast foods... whaddya think of the sign, eh? I managed to find a place for snacks where food was actually allowed... and served Equal. Yea!
Medical Lab! What's more fun than playing with the anatomy models? Nothing! But once the sport of it has passed, it's time to hit the books (sigh). Finally! I was able to find some other students on campus that made me feel well at home.

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