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Any college student (or high school, for that matter, but that's outside of our activities this week) will tell you there's just as much value in class as there is in relaxing. Of course, I'm mostly playing hookey today because I missed my ride to school. Drat. But you can still have a good time of it...

When you're looking at the back door of your ride to class, it's a good sign you've missed out. Make the best of it -- why not take up a sponge? Maybe you won't totally be busted for cutting. Once done there, tackle the dishes and get the counters app spic and span...
...and get the laundry all washed, dried, and sorted out. The crowning touch is to sweep up... very important with hardwood floors. For a job well done, I rewarded myself with an entire pumpkin pie. (I got in big trouble for it, though.)

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