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Ah, the long-lived moment every teenager dreams of -- getting your driver's license. (Actual dreams may vary). Having completed driver's education and all, I didn't even have to do the learner's permit fiasco, nope, not me... just head on in, fill out the form, a few tests, a driving test on the open road, and viola! I'm a legal motorist in these United States (and most foreign nations who recognize a U.S. driver's license, too).

Here begins my date with my destiny: to get a license from the Department of Motor Vehicles. DMV is still a bureaucratic place, so it all begins with the forms, of course. It's not an illusion -- the line at this DMV office often extends outside. Today, it only had 25 people in it.
(no pictures for these two, I'm afraid.. .they frown on that
sort of thing here, apparently)
From there, the written test... 90%! In your ear Tubby (he failed the first time he took his, y'know. And finally, the road test. The DMV dude wasn't really down with the idea of pictures, though. And with that comes the next step -- time to get me a car!

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