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Gilroy Garlic Festival

The annual Gilroy Garlic Festival takes place on the last full three-day weekend each July. 2009 marked the 31st annual event, tucked just west of town and along the hills. When all was said and done, more than 108,000 people passed through the gates to experience all things garlic.

Gilroy Garlic Festival Gilroy Garlic Festival Gilroy Garlic Festival
A flaming garlic clove is the center-ish piece of the festival, and a fantastic photo opportunity. I don't think a stroller would suffer the cautioned severe tire damage, but better safe than sorry. The booths were predominately food and beer, some selling crafts, heck, even a few garlic vendors.
Gilroy Garlic Festival Gilroy Garlic Festival Gilroy Garlic Festival
The rain hut was a popular draw -- full of water misters (even though temps were only in the high 80s). Foster Farms' chicken balloon hovered high above the "green" gate 5, and free goodies below. Ah, at last! I saw two garlic tents selling all things garlic. But the ice cream was elsewhere (and free!).

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