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While wandering around Fairbanks, Alaska in March, I stumbled across the 2005 World Ice Art Competition, out along Phillips Field Road. With about 60 entries in the competition, and a bunch of other creations (including a kid's area), it was well worth the $8 for Tubby to get in. I got smuggled inside in a backpack, and paid nothing. (They're also online, too, at

"Medieval Jet" by Lumir Lang, Stanislav Jenco, Chuck Carpenter, and Vitaliy Lednev Some guy standing in front of "On Time" by Qifeng An, Zhe An, Dali Liu and Zhang Daquan One of the little houses in the kiddie area. It's cute and all, but Tubby can't quite stand up inside.
The largest of the slides took a number of steps to the top. So I began... The slide, however, moves too fast for me to remain right-side up. Very chilly on the toosh. I loved the detail in the chain, in particular in "Strengthen Me Just Once More."

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