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It seems that in the fall of each year, Monterey, California is littered with festivals, celebrations, and other hub-bub. Thus, it was inevitable that I was going to get caught up in one, er, have the opportunity to attend one, sooner or later. It began with the Italians...

We begin wandering around, and for some reason, it's a mini-car show. With American cars. And more cars. Which leads me to the conclusion that I don't quite understand everything I see. Ah, Bocce Ball. Now THIS is Italian -- yea! (If you'd like to learn more about Bocce, try reading.)
The central gathering area, with lots of music, people, and flags that vaguely resemble Christmas. I was tempted to request a Godfather-esque tune after I heard them playing this one. (Stop music) The bounce house isn't Italian, per se, but it is popular with the Italian and non-Italian kids alike.

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