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So yeah... a juggling festival. I was invited to go with, owing to my infinite coolness, I imagine. But I managed to add in all sorts of new FrankPals in the trip, so it was one of those proverbial win-win outings. (New FrankPals were Bryan, Ducky, Eyrene, James, Jeff, Jon, Julie, Lance, Rick, Rosa, Sharon, and Tony -- yea!)

Like most of my trips and activities, this one starts with a sign. For two nights, this tent was home. It's no Winnebago, but it served the purpose. The Duck Jester is now in. Care for your fortune from my crystal ball?
Lots of stuff to buy and being sold at this here juggling festival... ... like hats that were too big... ... and shoes, same problem.
And yessir, there were even a few folks here and there who were juggling, versus just selling and buying juggling stuff.  

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