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Scottish Games

Out in the grape-growin' city of Livermore was the Scottish Games this weekend (complete with their own web site, but that's hardly rare anymore.)

I figured any event that allows, nay, encourages, grown men and wee boys to wear kilts (with or without garments underneath, we'll never be quite sure) was worth of my attendance for a look-and-see. So I look, and saw. (But not under any kilts, I assure you.)

Looking at kilt information Meat pies concession booth A bloke at the Games with me for a photo
We're obviously in the right place. If you're not sure what to wear, there's help to be had. As with all things of worth, there was sufficient emphasis placed on eating... ...drinking...
Scottish dancers Warning about touching the merchandise Scottish armor
... and being merry. Hurrah! If you're going to touch, don't, kids, unless of course... ... you're properly protected in period-specific armor. (Although it may not prevent being cooked.)

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