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We carved some time out of my busy schedule to wander around the 34th annual San Francisco Pride events. While we tried to dress to impress, I think my hat was adorable, but Tubby's insistence to get "that old thing" out of the closet for Pride and wear his red t-shirt was a battle I couldn't win.

Okay, I see the cop. But no Navy guy, Indian, construction worker, motorcycle dude... Oops, there's the motorcycles, but those aren't dudes. How's about I get my head out of the way. A bit more of the motorcycles a convoy of beeps and honks as they rode by.
Rainbow banners for all, and to all a good day... California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley, who's involvement in the gay marriage bit was applauded. A float pulled by a radio station van. If you can recognize the station, fine, but I ain't saying it.

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