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The 35th annual San Francisco Pride took place amidst a cooler day than last year's parade, but it was no less noteworthy. And by virtue of poetic license, and laziness, while the pictures may be in order of appearance, don't bet on it.

Frank at Pride 2005 Balloon marchers in the Pride parade Safety patrol and a float at Pride
Once I found myself a nice place to perch, I was ready for the parade to begin. I'm not sure what they were to be dressed as, but the balloons on them was a nifty idea, I thought. The float's nice, sure, but I was more amused by the sleeves on the one safety monitor.
Gavin Newsom at Pride Giant radio float at Pride Wells Fargo float at Pride
Mayor Gavin Newsom is still quite popular, even if his legalizing gay marrage in town didn't last long. Everything is bigger in Texas, and in a parade. And I thought boom-boxes weren't in vogue anymore. Somewhere, under the rainbow, was down low... is a Well Fargo wagon, it's a'comin' now...

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