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Once in a while, there is occasion to use the corporate offices for something other than merely conducting lawful business. Yessir, it's sometimes used for events hosted by our employees, their spouses/life partners, and occasionally, one of Tubby's friends (rare).

So yes guys, here we have an inside view of what you're missing out on... and if you'll notice in the photos, yes, the sun does disappear during the course of the nearly four-hour long party. As for me, I opted to bring a friend, newly-hired administrative assistant Henry. For doing so, I received an extra ticket in the door price drawing (I didn't win, though). Also, if you're worried, I was told Mary Kay doesn't do any animal testing.

Henry (right) and I settled in, but soon found out it was assigned seating. We were put on a stool. After a hand moisturizing (which I couldn't do), it began. Notice the sun's position on the wall. A little dab here, there, and some for me, as we ask Danna, our consultant, questions and such.
Like most girls' night out, we got candy. Each type represented a goal or focus of Mary Kay. Well, given I'm lacking proper cheekbones, Henry and I just observed quietly. Just before we all broken into one-on-one consultation. (Also note the total lack of any sunlight here.)

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