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While I was down at the local mall to see The Last Samurai, I found I had a great level of difficulty in finding a parking place. Why? Turns out the newly elected governor of California, Arnold Schwarznegger was out doing a meet-and-greet. I paused to take a picture before waddling over to the cinema to see a movie.

This was the first clue that there was something up... ... and this is the second clue. There were also fire trucks and ambulances nearby. But without the Chippies around, I got to sit on their car. Mmmm, warm duck tooshy.
Oooh! Cameras and a man in a black mask... there's something Phantom of the Opera about it... Heads. Nothing interesting. But like the popcorn pictured in the next shot, this picture is filler. Not my best photographic work, but he wouldn't stand still, and I was surrounded by mallrats.

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