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Unlike the Tubby One, I actually like the holidays.  The stress, the long lines at the mall, the pushing and shoving to get the last Cabbage Patch doll.  Wait, that was years ago... and now look?  There's hundreds of the darn things for sale on eBay at any given time... 951 at this moment -- how many if you were to look now?

The day after Thanksgiving, so we had to park in the middle of nowhere.  I didn't want to move the buggy over the dirt, we just left it in traffic, and the boy put out a cone pattern... and it was funny it as people went around! He's always jolly, but imagine the chuckle I got when it was my turn for the picture.  (Ol' St. Nick probably thought it was Baldie that wanted a pic, since our turn was right after three 12-year-old girls.) A quiet Christmas Eve at home, ignored by Tubby, but left with a nice fire, festive tree, and a few gifts, including a Radio Flyer red wagon, from Jennifer and FrankPal Julia.
Apparently I'm not good enough to attend Christmas dinner with Tubby's family, but friends of Tubby's mum was more kind enough to take me in this fine holiday season.
And what's the holidays without some after Christmas shopping at tremendous savings?  Nothing!    

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