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As Halloween draws near, I find myself drawn (well, mostly carried) toward the pumpkin patch with its neighboring corn maze. While no one can explain the need to purchase these orange gourds and then carving faces into them, I still got involved... sometimes, I'm just like everyone else and blindly follow arcane practices.

Like all pumpkin patches, this one has good scarecrows (versus evil ones). One let me sit in his lap. But finding the lap got a little weird for me, I figured someone could pull me in a wagon instead. Lacking a lackey to pull the wagon around, I opted to survey the patch on my own.
Being 10" tall, though, I'm left at a disadvantage... so I hopped up to see what there was to see. Arrrgh! Either an elephant or a tractor smushed this one. I feel like I need to save the others. And at the end of the day, I managed to save as many as would fit into our SUV. Hurrah!

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